Import cars to the Canary Islands

The service offered by is very extensive in every sense, since it adapts to the needs of each client, for each car, and for any part of Spain, not only on the peninsula.
We cannot therefore forget the Canary Islands, which, like Ceuta and Melilla, have special legislation regarding taxes, more specifically regarding VAT or the so-called General Indirect Canary Tax, more commonly known as IGIC.

What is the IGIC and how does it affect the importation of cars to the Canary Islands?

This tax is a tribute that affects the goods and services carried out by all types of professionals, as long as they affect the territory of the Canary Islands.
The IGIC tax rate varies depending on the good or service invoiced. In the case of cars, it changes from 0% to 15% depending on several factors.

  • 0% for non-polluting vehicles.
  • 3% for use by people with some type of disability.
  • 7% especially for industrial vehicles or business use.
  • 9.5% and or 15% depending on the tax power and vehicles such as caravans, and other specialties.

How to import cars to the Canary Islands

Many of our clients import vehicles to the Canary Islands from different regions of Spain, Europe or outside Europe, which implies a special situation for these cars once they arrive in the Canary Islands.
Fundamentally, and by way of advice when importing cars to the Canary Islands, it is important to bear in mind that both companies with fiscal headquarters in the archipelago, as well as individuals fiscally resident in the Canary Islands, have the option that as long as the vehicle they buy has deductible VAT, they can buy it net, that is, without VAT.
Logically this is subject to the seller understanding and knowing that legislation. At we manage to explain and transmit all this information to the seller.
If you want to import any type of vehicle to the Canary Islands from Spain, Europe or any other country, do not hesitate to contact us and get advice from real professionals.

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