Benefits when importing a car due to change of residence

If you are living outside Spain and you want to come to live in Spain legally for at least 1 year, it is important that you read this article to see if you meet the requirements and if can be applied to you the tax benefits of importing a car due to change of residence .
In importarcoches, many clients contact us who, for different reasons, want to reside in Spain after having spent months or years living abroad. Many of them want to bring their «trousseau», which includes one or two cars, which they want to register and benefit from the exemptions for change of residence.

How much money do you save by choosing to change residence?

Exemption payment of import tariffs
All cars imported from countries outside the European Union have to pay a 10% tariff  (customs) when entering Europe. Well, in the case of importation due change of residence, this tariff is not paid.

VAT payment exemption

The same thing that happens with customs exemtion, happens with VAT.  In a normal import from outside EU you must pay VAT at customs, but by meeting the requirements of change of residence you are exempt from paying VAT of 21%. (for Spain in this case).

Exemption payment of registration tax

Even if the vehicle emits more than 120 grams combined of CO2 per kilometer, the registration tax does not have to be paid (declared exempt in Form 576).

Expenses of the individual homologation

As we discussed in other articles, there are vehicles that do not have a European homologation code, because they do not meet the standards required to register in Europe. There are cases in which either they cannot be registered in the European Union or individual approval would be required (it is expensive) and their subsequent approval by approved laboratories would be needed.

In the case of registration due to a change of residence for a vehicler, there would be no one of impediment in this regard, and simply with a technical data document  (approximate cost of €100 or less), the ITV  (MOT) could be approved in Spain. On the other hand, if the vehicle to be registered is an industrial or commercial vehicle, will not be accepted to get exemption due residence change.

What are the requirements?

In addition to the advantages and benefits of registering a car due to a change of residence, you should know that if you can opt for it, you have to meet a series of requirements and show documentation. In this article on, they explain very well how the application process and deadlines are.

More than 1 year abroad

The person who decides to use this option must have been residing in the country where they bought the car for at least one year. And you must be able to accredit it with the documents that are necessary and that the Tax Agency requests in each case. For example, registration certificate or consular registration in the country of origin, payment of corresponding taxes, etc. The AEAT (finance department Spain) literally says “a period of not less than TWELVE consecutive MONTHS”.


Purchase of the car more than 6 months ago

You must have an invoice or purchase contract for the vehicle, as well as normal use, older than 6 months. That is to say, that it must have been used by the owner, and not by the previous owner.

Legal residence for a minimum of 12 months

It is important to explain that the Tax Agency will ask us for the necessary documents to verify and control everything that we show. If there are minimum problems of validity or veracity, it will not approved.

Getting DUA for change of residence

It is very important to make a DUA  (customs clearance) for change of residence and not for normal importation. If at the time of importing into Spain, we make a normal DUA and not due to a change of residence, it does not matter what we do in the future, because they will not accept any type of tax benefit, since it is understood that it is a normal import.

Register in Spain

Logically, to be able to register the vehicle in the country, the person (owner) must be registered in a Spanish town or city, since otherwise it will not be possible to register the car in Spain.

Use it normally for at least another 12 months from its acceptance and subsequent registration in Spain. The car cannot be sold or rented during this period of time (12 months).

These are the advantages and the requirements that must be met in order to register your car in the event of a change of residence. If you need help to carry out all the procedures, do not hesitate to contact us.

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