It is also possible to ship the cars to the Canary Islands, Baleares and Ceuta and Melilla. Logically the price for these locations increases and it is normally through ship from northern Germany or the port of Valencia or Barcelona.

The handling time for the car in Germany and following delivery in Spain is of approximately 7 days (may vary in higher activity and work volume times, transportation strikes or when meteorological conditions are adverse).

Consult with us and we’ll advise you according to your needs.

On we give full solutions to the needs of every client, since every purchase and every process is different. 

Many people would rather go personally to Germany or the destination country and drive their own vehicle back (for which we must deal with insurance, provisional license plates and correspondent fees in Germany).

Many other prefer to bring it on a car carrier truck because they do not have the time and they believe it is better if someone ships it straight to their domicile.For these clients we also have a transportation service so they do not need to move himself to bring the vehicle. Several companies work with us to ensure that your vehicle is delivered to every corner of Spain, properly protected and ensured.


The fee varies according to the pickup location in Germany, delivery location and the type of vehicle (all-terrain, car, RV…) but we can establish 700 € as an average price.