Do you need a lawyer to claim the fulfillment of a guarantee? Have you been scammed in the purchase of a car? Did your car have hidden defects? Do you have doubts when buying a car? From our legal department “Car lawyer” we are at your disposal. is a company formed by a team of professionals from various technical, economic and legal fields, that is the reason why a part of our company has experienced lawyers in the field of guarantees, tax law and international civil and criminal law. Therefore, in addition to the main management services in the secure purchase and expertise, we can offer our lawyers’ help to our client, who allow to act legally on behalf of the client in any country within the European Union, in the framework of issues related tofraud, execution of guarantee, hidden defects or any claim derived from the purchase and sale of a vehicle. Hereafter, we will summarize and explain the main aspects that arise from the purchase of cars and which we take care of:


We represent the client, for any type of claim that may arise, for breach of the agreement when buying the vehicle. We talk about claims in general such as, for example, that the car’s bodywork condition is not as the seller indicated, that the necessary register documentation is not delivered, that the invoice or purchase contract is not correct, that kilometers are false, among others.


If you are a private purchaser that have bought a vehicle and, after a short time, it has given engine problems or anything different from the normal use of the vehicle (excluding taxi drivers and car rental companies), we can help you in claiming the execution of the guarantee for both individuals and non-professional companies.


There are many cases of people who buy the car on their own and are cheated, for example, because the vehicle never arrived and the seller suddenly disappeared with the money. These usually are complicated cases because the payments are made to bank accounts in third countries on which we cannot take action.

We always recommend that common sense be used, and if we see a vehicle whose price is well below the normal market price, or if we are asked for paying a part so we can receive the vehicle at home, transport us to our house, we distrust because there is no such thing as a free lunch and they always are frauds.


In some cases, after buying a car, we realize that it already came with a problem or defect prior to our purchase, and the professional or individual who sold it to us was aware of it. If that is your case, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.