As with most things regarding buying a car in Germany, there are a lot of myths and theories about the registration tax, and all of them are misleading to everyone who wants to import and bring a car from Germany.

We want to clarify all this process so you can make the calculation on how much you will pay for the car you want to buy.

You can also access to calculate an imported vehicle’s registration tax. On this website you may calculate the registration tax automatically. Its database is updated to 2017. All you have to do is enter the following imported vehicle’s data:

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Autonomous community
  • Date of first registration

If you’d rather do the calculation manually for the car you want to import, keep reading this article. If you want to calculate automatically click the following button:


The first thing to highlight is that this tax payment is regulated on the BOE  24.12.21 which the state (AEAT) uses to specify the value of every car, motorcycle, all-terrains and motorboats (the list is huge) in the market. The data is updated to 2018.

Second is that the amount to pay varies according to the resulting formula of the residual value of the vehicle and CO2 emissions per Km of the vehicle.

Based on CO2 emissions we have 4 rates to apply:

0% for 120 gr CO2/km or less

4,75% for 120 gr CO2/km to 160 gr CO2/km

9,75% for 160 gr CO2/km to 200 gr CO2/km

14,75% for 200 gr CO2/km or more


Easily done, search for the vehicle’s value on the datasheets along with the model, year of manufacturing, power, cylinders and CO2 emissions. Take your time so you do not get it wrong, since between two models, or two different manufacturing years the fee may vary considerably. Be careful and pay attention to this step.

Take step 1’s amount and depreciate it according to the years it has since the registration date (these rates are on the last page of the BOE).

Apply the CO2 emissions per km sheet’s % (mentioned earlier: 0%, 4.75%, 9.75%, 14.75%) to step 2’s total. There are websites that calculate these rates, so if you are not sure of how to get it right, play it safe so you get your desired result.

The result is the amount of registration tax you have to pay for your car.

If you are going to buy an imported car, I advise you to push the button below to automatically calculate the tax in less than a minute, so there are no surprises later when you pay your imported car’s registration tax.

If you have any further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.