Export a car from Spain to any other country in the European Union

Importarcoches offers the service, that any person or company needs, to export a vehicle from Spain to other European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Portugal…), Then it is possible to export with complete peace of mind and security.

Export a car from Spain to any other country in the European Union

Exporting vehicles is an increasingly frequent possibility, which allows us to be able to sell our car in any other country of the European Union. Therefore we are accessing to a much bigger market than the Spanish one, and in the best possible price conditions.
Currently it is very common to sell historic vehicles to Germany, France or the Netherlands. In Northern Europe there are many collectors of classic cars, who are happy to pay for the car they are looking for, as long as it is of good quality and in good condition.
That is why many people in Spain have also decided to advertise their cars on websites other than the Spanish ones such as mobile.de or autoscout24.com, in order to reach a much broader market of potential buyers. than exists in Spain. We are talking about multiplying by 8 the clients that exist in Spain.

How to export a car safely?

To make an export, both historical vehicles and current used vehicles, it is necessary to know the market well, know serious transport companies, and speak the language of the buyer. In this way we will be able to transmit security to the client, and facilitate management.
That is why Importarcoches.com is the number one candidate to manage your export, offering a totally professional and agile intermediation.
We take care of all the procedures:

  • Community transit cancellation
  • Document management
  • Bilingual contracts
  • Three-way calls with the seller and buyer
  • Safe transport
  • Information on approval and technical requirements
  • Legal advice

Do not hesitate, contact us and you will see the difference

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